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Thursday, February 22, 2024
Feb. 22, 2024

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Letter: Trump accusations are a farce


Columnist Susan Estrich’s brief bio alleges she has taught law at Harvard University and University of Southern California. Just what did Estrich teach of the law? Estrich alleges Donald Trump will make the Justice Department part of the White House without substantive argument (“Focus on if Trump wins,” The Columbian, Nov. 23). Estrich goes on in part to deride Trump’s behavior in the New York courtroom, saying he’s “losing it.”

Juxtapose any citizen being sued by an attorney general for felonious charges where there is no plaintiff, no injured parties and a sitting judge telling all within earshot that he doesn’t want nor need to hear from the accused, refuses argument from defendant’s attorney, determines property valuation that is key to the state’s case without having experience in such matters.

When is it legal precedent to have this type of litigious action against any citizen? If this farce is allowed, what rights can the ordinary citizen expect to exercise, if any?

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