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Monday, February 26, 2024
Feb. 26, 2024

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Letter: Proof is in the pudding


Bob Mattila thinks that “becoming ungodly causes problems” (Our Readers’ Views, Nov. 24). I had to smile at his statement that rampant theft is caused by people not believing in the Bible God.

The only people I know who stole things from stores are some of my friends from junior high school who stole small things on a dare (they stopped when they grew up), and people who steal food because they’re hungry. And my mother. She stole a box of instant pudding after she didn’t get what she thought was her fair share of dessert. She made the pudding and ate the entire thing herself, sitting in the closet where no one could see her. She said she was so happy for a week afterwards that everyone wanted to know what she was smiling about. And did I mention that her father was a Baptist preacher?

Mr. Mattila needs to do some research into the causes of theft. He would find that need is a common reason: need for food, need for money to pay for shelter, need for clothes. Maybe he should think again before blaming liberal government, which, after all, wants to provide basic support for people who can’t afford to live in our America.

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