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Friday, March 1, 2024
March 1, 2024

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Letter: Drivers pose danger to others


There was an article in The Columbian about making right turns on red lights illegal in Washington. I’m in agreement with that.

Drivers are blocking the crosswalk and looking left for oncoming traffic. Some will back up when they see the walk light come on. Vancouver has even installed some delay lights to keep pedestrians safe from cars turning left. I feel like a sandwich when cars pass me on the right and left when I’m crossing a three-lane road. The state should go one step further and require drivers to have a road test every other time they get their license renewed, like professional drivers have to. This should be required every year after a driver reaches a certain age.

I’ve noticed lots of drivers not stopping for people in crosswalks, not stopping at red lights, not knowing that a red circle or arrow means no left turn, and playing follow the leader through a four-way stop. And many people still drive holding their cellphones up to their mouth, yakking away.

Maybe if the police pretend to be bus riders and stand by the bus stops, they could catch some of these entitled drivers.

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