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Saturday,  June 22 , 2024

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Weather Eye: Temperatures cooler, but highs remain well above normal

By Patrick Timm
Published: September 16, 2023, 6:03am

We’ve had a late taste of summer the past few days, with 90-degree high temperatures common around Clark County. As of Friday, we have had 24 days at 90 degrees or higher. We have recorded many days with highs at 88 or 89 degrees while across the river, Portland reached 90 degrees.

We flip the switch back to cooler weather beginning today, with highs still well above normal in the lower 80s. Sunday through much of next week, highs will fall into the 70s. The jet stream is well to our north in British Columbia but dips southward on occasion.

Our chance of rain will rise slightly to 20 percent, but I doubt we’ll get any measurable rain at all. No soaking rain is on tap for the next week at least. The overnight lows will cool off next week, especially if we get some clearing periods overnight.

September began rather normally, with average overall temperatures. With these hot days lately, Vancouver is now running nearly 2 degrees above normal. It joins June, July and August as warmer-than-normal months.

The extended outlook for the fall is warmer and much drier than average. It’s not looking good for early snows on the Cascade peaks.

Has anyone seen the woolly bears out and about? This is the beginning of their annual appearance, so drop me a line and let’s see how the furry little critters are doing around the county. They didn’t do too bad forecasting last winter — about as good as the professionals.

Enjoy this last full weekend of summer.