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Monday,  May 27 , 2024

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News / Northwest

Longview man sentenced for pulling woman from wheelchair

By Matt Esnayra, The Daily News
Published: April 5, 2024, 7:33am

LONGVIEW — A Longview man has been sentenced to nearly three years in prison after pleading guilty to violating court orders and burglarizing the home of a woman who he knew and was in wheelchair.

Blaine Bilton Burke IV, 37, pleaded guilty last week to an second-degree burglary, violating a court order and assault-reckless conduct. He was sentenced to 2½ years.

Police say Burke pulled the 63-year-old woman out of her wheelchair, tearing her skin, when he went to her home uninvited looking for drugs or money last summer.

Initially, Burke was charged with four counts, including felony harassment and a second felony violation of a court order related to domestic violence, according to court records.

On July 9, 2023, authorities were notified that Burke entered the Longview home of a woman he was ordered to stay away from and had assaulted her the day before, a police report states.

He entered the woman’s some time after midnight and asked for money or drugs. When she replied she didn’t have either, he grabbed her arms and pulled her out of the wheelchair, tearing her skin in the process, the report states.

The victim said Burke threw her walker at her and threatened to kill her. The woman told police Burke remained in her room for hours; when the victim’s husband returned home, Burke was still there.

Burke has a history of defying court orders by making contact with the victim, court records show. The no-contact order was issued in 2019 after Burke assaulted the victim’s husband and later made threats to kill both of them in their sleep, as documented in a police report.