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Monday,  May 27 , 2024

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Letter: Seek peace, justice for both sides

By Richard Hill, Vancouver
Published: April 12, 2024, 6:00am

The tragedy of the attack on Israel on Oct. 7 defies all adjectives — cruel, horrific, barbaric, etc. — in attempts to describe the atrocities of Hamas. No civilized nation can condone these atrocities.

Hamas has sworn to destroy Israel and does not discriminate between civilian and military targets in what they see as a holy war to liberate Palestine. Innocents be damned. We will have our revenge.

In the aftermath of the Hamas attack, every civilized nation supported Israel’s right to defend and bring to justice all those who participated. To achieve this goal, Israel invaded Gaza and has bombed every Gazan city to rubble, and killed over 32,000 mostly innocent men, women and children in their attempt to eliminate Hamas. While no one is accusing Israel of specifically targeting civilians, it seems obvious now that innocents be damned. We will have our revenge.

There is no way to compare these two tragedies in support of one side while condemning the other. Both sides are using innocent lives in achieving their stated goals.

After nearly 80 years of bloodshed, it begs the question what is a fair and equitable resolution. Can there be peace without justice for both sides? Figure it out.

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