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Friday,  May 24 , 2024

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News / Clark County News

Weather Eye: No more frosty mornings on the horizon after today

By Patrick Timm, Columbian freelance columnist
Published: April 18, 2024, 6:00am

It was a chilly morning across Clark County early Wednesday under clear skies and calm winds. A good share of the area received some frost although not everywhere reached the 32-degree mark. Officially in Vancouver it was 35 degrees for the low temperature. However, a couple miles from Hazel Dell northward and eastward it was freezing with white frost on the rooftops. The coldest I could find was 28 degrees near Moulton Falls. Most of the outlying rural areas were 29 to 31 degrees.

The skies were clear and sunny Wednesday with great visibility with the Cascade peaks visible with no difficulty. Brisk northerly winds did add a chill to afternoon temperatures hovering in the low 60s.

Another beautiful day on tap today and Friday with highs inching up to 70 degrees and overnight lows also rising, but there was still a possibility of light frost in the colder locations this morning. Beyond today I do not foresee any frosty mornings on the horizon.

A weak weather system will once again brush us from the north over the weekend like we experienced earlier in the week but other than clouds and a light shower or two it will be uneventful. Rainfall amounts if any will be minuscule.

This weather pattern of sunny days and mixed with clouds and sprinkles will continue most likely through the end of April from what I can see now. I know some of you have commented on how dry the ground is and having to water shrubbery. Vancouver is running over an inch below average so far this month. Last year on this date we had over 4 inches of monthly rainfall in the bucket. April 2023 was a wet month with 5.18 inches total.

Two years ago, it was also wet in April with 5.41 inches, so after the two previous years with over 5 inches recorded, we are bucking that trend this April. As far as freezing temperatures go, we haven’t reached 32 degrees yet this month and the last freezing temperature officially in Vancouver was on March 14. Last year the latest freezing temperature was March 17. Are we beyond the risk of 32-degree lows in the city? Most likely.

Columbian freelance columnist