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Sunday, March 3, 2024
March 3, 2024

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Letter: Support basic income


Senate Bill 6196 would create the Evergreen Basic Income pilot program. Please learn about it and then ask your state representatives and senators to support it.

Every night in Clark County one out of every four or five children goes to bed hungry and life for these families is getting harder every day. Let’s stop debating about why people are poor — or if they deserve to be — and at least try this guaranteed income experiment. Current data show this form of assistance does more than just stop the bleeding. It lifts people out of poverty.

With the great income inequality in evidence throughout Clark County, our current stop-gap municipal and philanthropic remedies and partnerships, although well-intentioned and compassionate, are simply failing. We can avert our eyes, but we still see the tents and the desperation. The real question is, do we also see the humanity of the men, women and children just trying to survive? If our faith or our consciences require that we care about others — as much as we do ourselves — what the heck have we been doing? This bill may remedy the chronic houselessness and food insecurity experienced by our most vulnerable families.

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