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Sunday, March 3, 2024
March 3, 2024

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Letter: Where are taxes going?


Today reminds me of our country before the American Revolution. The government entities tax us on what we earn and tax us on money we already paid taxes on (i.e. Social Security and Medicare), then tax us on fuel and hard goods and so on and so on. Then the entities that tax us for our homes and schools and sales tax, they do not give back to the citizens who are paying for infrastructure.

Case in point: Where is Clark County Public Works and cities of Vancouver and Battle Ground on fixing potholes and making roads safe for getting our kids to school and taxpayers safely to work?

The taxes get paid and that seems to be where the ball gets dropped. The system of these departments seems to not know what getting the job done means. Where does the buck stop?

Reminds me of the Clark County Sheriff’s Office, totally absent from north county. Maybe it is time for someone to answer some questions about who is responsible for keeping the roads safe. Maybe it is time for someone at the federal level to have an investigation into how these departments are run.

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