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Saturday, March 2, 2024
March 2, 2024

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Letter: Protect undocumented workers


The COVID-19 pandemic showed us all how vulnerable we are, but mainly it showed the socio-economic gap that exists due to the lack of social services for the undocumented population in this country.

This was deeply reflected during the pandemic by allowing most workers to go home to safety from contagion while the undocumented worked hard to keep this country on its feet. Those who do not have health insurance also do not count on having unemployment insurance that would have allowed them to survive during this time without working. This is how millions lost their lives due to the need to provide food and shelter for their families. This is inhumane and must not continue.

This is why we continue to ask for the support of legislators to implement access to unemployment insurance for the undocumented workers that work and keep the state of Washington standing. It should be noted that employers currently pay unemployment taxes for all workers, and it is unfair that not everyone has equal access.

I ask the Legislature to take action now by passing Senate Bill 5109, so all families, regardless of immigration status, have a safety net in case of job loss.

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