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Monday,  April 15 , 2024

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Energy Adviser: Utility’s experts can help you save money

By Clark Public Utilities
Published: February 17, 2024, 6:02am

Homes and cars have more in common than most people realize. Their performances are greatly influenced by our personal habits and, whether we know a little or a lot about them, everyone can benefit from an expert’s opinion from time to time — especially when it comes to regular maintenance and upgrades.

When it comes to car troubles, a mechanic has the answers. When it comes to home energy conservation, the Clark Public Utilities Energy Services Department has the experts to call. They’re trained to answer virtually every question about reducing energy waste, even the ones you didn’t know you had, in just a quick phone call. When a more personalized review is needed, Clark Public Utilities customers can even schedule an in-home energy review by an Energy Services team member.

Homes don’t come with a user’s manual. So, most people search the internet for answers, but the results are often contradictory or simply not relevant to the Pacific Northwest.

“The web is full of bad advice written with a lot of confidence,” said Clark Public Utilities Energy Counselor Anthony Jefferies. “Our team’s mission is to help customers save energy and live comfortably. So when customers reach out, they can be sure they’re getting advice and guidance from a professional in energy conservation.”

The Clark Public Utilities Energy Services Department is staffed by professionals who stay up to date on cutting-edge home energy-efficiency products, energy-saving practices and utility rebates and incentives. And customers are welcome to ask for advice either over the phone, email or during an in-person home energy review.

Reach out to the Clark Public Utilities Energy Counselor of the Day for quick advice on reducing energy bills or when deciding which energy-efficiency upgrade to start first. One quick call or email is often all it takes to learn how to maximize every energy dollar. Customers can call 360-992-3355 any time from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, or send questions to ecod@clarkpud.com.

Energy counselors can provide truly individualized information. They combine information from the customer’s energy account — including a home’s consumption history, information about the home’s size, age and more — with information from the customer themselves, to give each caller personalized and data-guided savings suggestions.

For the most in-depth analysis, customers can request an energy review of their homes by a Clark Public Utilities energy counselor. During this free service, an energy counselor will walk through the customer’s home and point out places where air leaks, low insulation, inefficiency or other issues that could be driving up energy bills. They’re also available to speak to neighborhood groups, homeowner associations and other organizations about Clark Public Utilities’ conservation programs and ways to cut energy waste.

Whether meeting with the counselor in person, on the phone or online, don’t hesitate to bring up energy conservation advice offered elsewhere. These pros can verify, dispel and update information that is often circulated.

“Lots of people follow handed-down advice from friends or family that was once great advice, but is now outdated,” said Mike Wood a Clark Public Utilities energy counselor. “But that’s completely normal, building sciences change often, and it’s our job to help people understand how.”

Customers can also explore energy conservation on their own time at ClarkPublicUtilities.com. The site is filled with a variety of home energy calculators and energy conservation guidance, details about the utility’s many rebates and incentives, in addition to much more.

To get an even more personalized review of your energy use, use the energy calculator found after logging into MyAccount. The tool combines your answers to a few basic questions with information from your household’s utility account to offer customized results and potential savings.

MyAccount is secure, convenient, and designed to work on computers and mobile devices.

Energy Adviser is written by Clark Public Utilities. Send questions to ecod@clarkpud.com or to Energy Adviser, c/o Clark Public Utilities, P.O. Box 8900, Vancouver, WA 98668.