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Tuesday,  April 23 , 2024

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News / Opinion / Letters to the Editor

Letter: Street planning doesn’t make sense

By Terrence Popravak, Vancouver
Published: February 21, 2024, 6:00am

City planners offer three options to citizens in their McGillivray Boulevard project; all close two of the four lanes. This plan works against citizens and efficient movement.

McGillivray Boulevard was established as a four-lane corridor, a boulevard and not a street, for sound reasons given the size of the area, density of housing and supporting infrastructure. Sidewalks were thoughtfully planned for and built for pedestrian travel off the road surface. The city even carved out bike lanes along it. The nature of this area hasn’t changed, except perhaps for some new high-density housing. There remains a compelling need for full use of the four vehicle lanes originally built.

The new Vine network along Mill Plain Boulevard, its bus stops near intersections, chokes the right lanes and creates backed-up traffic turmoil. The rebuild of the road section on Southeast First Street between 164th Avenue and 172nd Avenue did nothing to improve the movement of motor vehicles there, but it has wide sidewalks!

What looks pretty on paper to a planner in an office and satisfies some globalist agenda is unsavory to the people who have to live it.

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