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Tuesday,  April 23 , 2024

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Weather Eye: Winter will return for remainder of February

By Patrick Timm
Published: February 24, 2024, 6:00am

Friday certainly fits the category of a “false spring,” with full sunshine and temperatures hovering around the 60-degree threshold. It was indeed chilly early Friday, however, with most areas dipping to the freezing mark and into the 20s in the rural areas. Vancouver’s official low was 33 degrees. Remember that warm sunshine and blue skies you enjoyed Friday as we return to winter weather for the rest of the month.

Now we get into the details of February’s last stab at winter. As mentioned here earlier in the week, a cold trough of low pressure originating in the Bering Sea will migrate into the Gulf of Alaska and slide southward off the Canadian coast. The coldest air aloft will remain north of Clark County, but it’s possible we will see snowflakes mixing in or falling in the air Monday morning and again Monday night. At this point, I expect any snow cover to grace only our foothills.

Otherwise, besides chilly rain here in the lowlands, the mountains above 2,000 feet will receive heavy snow. On Tuesday, snow levels will rise to 4,000 feet late in the day, and moisture will continue to fall. Upward of 3-4 feet is possible next week in the ski areas. Amazing.

Some brief but heavy snow will fall in the higher coastal ranges before snow levels elevate. The remainder of next week, the heavy rain will continue, and coupled with higher freezing levels and rapid snowmelt, many of the coastal tributaries will reach at least minor flood stage.

When March enters our doorstep, it will offer no better, with the cool and wet regimen lingering for a few days. Some forecast charts do show warming and drying once March gets rolling along, so winter might hastily retreat. I’m sure March is ready to roar like a lion on the first day, as the old saying goes.

Remember the bubbles in the coffee cup I shared with you this week? Several readers who emailed me never paid any attention to their java and noticed the bubbles concentrating in the center of the cup Wednesday. And guess what? We had a delightful weather day on Thursday. Eyeball your cup today and see if the bubbles are scattered or hang around the edge. That would point to the blustery weather on the horizon.

Take good care, everyone.