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Tuesday,  April 23 , 2024

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News / Opinion / Letters to the Editor

Letter: Benefits for striking workers costly

By Bob Whiting, Camas
Published: February 27, 2024, 6:00am

It is shocking to see that our state House of Representatives has passed House Bill 1893, which pays unemployment benefits to union workers who go on strike.

While there is often a need for employees to strike, this bill is wrong on many levels. Whoever pays those benefits, whether the struck companies or we taxpayers, will be unfairly hurt by people staying home and away from their workplace. The economy is unfairly hurt by lack of production. We the people are hurt by potential increased prices passed on to us. Both we and the stuck businesses are also hurt by the probability of more and longer strikes, maybe around summer vacation season.

Not needing to return to work is a huge and dangerous bargaining chip for strikers at an unbalanced cost to others. Could teachers, law enforcement and emergency or hospital personnel soon get these benefits also? Why bargain for the first few weeks?

Democrats unfairly helping the union workers who vote for them is a strong reason we need a two-party, balanced system.

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