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Wednesday,  April 17 , 2024

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Shelton man is arrested for the 24th time, Thurston County Sheriff says

By Rolf Boone, The Olympian
Published: February 27, 2024, 7:36am

OLYMPIA — A 29-year-old Shelton man was arrested for the 24th time last week, according to Thurston County Sheriff Derek Sanders, who wrote about a pursuit and the man’s ultimate arrest on social media.

Sanders said he tried to stop the man in his pickup truck the night of Feb. 22, suspecting that he was driving under the influence and traveling about 60 miles per hour on Martin Way East.

“A traffic stop was attempted, but the driver fled through Lacey,” Sanders writes.

The Shelton man increased his speed, according to the Sheriff.

“After the truck nearly t-boned another motorist at 80 mph, law enforcement lost visual as they slowed down to safely clear the intersection,” Sanders writes.

The suspect’s truck was later found wrecked at Mullen Road and 46th Avenue. A K9 track was attempted but unsuccessful; however, Sanders announced the morning of Feb. 23 that the Shelton man was in custody.

He was arrested on suspicion of eluding police and hit and run. His 23 prior arrests include “numerous recent DUIs,” Sanders writes.

The Shelton man also has six criminal convictions, including for impersonation and theft, according to the Sheriff.