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Saturday, March 2, 2024
March 2, 2024

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Here’s what people are saying about Pete Carroll’s departure as Seahawks coach


SEATTLE — The Seahawks stunned the Seattle sports world and sent shock waves around the NFL on Wednesday, announcing Pete Carroll’s 14-year tenure as Seahawks coach was ending.

Just two days ago, after wrapping up a 9-8 season and missing the playoffs for just the fourth time in 14 seasons as Seattle’s coach, Carroll reiterated his desire to return in 2024.

“I plan to be coaching this team,” Carroll said Monday. “I told you that I love these guys, and that’s what I would like to be doing and see how far we can go. I’m not worn out. I’m not tired. I’m not any of that stuff. I need to do a better job, and I need to help my coaches more, and we need to do a better job of coaching, and there’s a lot of area of improvement.”

But on Wednesday, Seahawks team chair Jody Allen announced that Carroll and the team had amicably agreed “that his role will evolve from Head Coach to remain with the organization as an advisor.”

What’s next for the Seahawks is to be seen, but early candidates to replace Carroll have already emerged. What is clear is the Seahawks and Seattle sports landscape will change drastically without Carroll, who is up there with rain and coffee as symbols of the city.

Here are immediate reactions from national media and others following the bombshell news:

Pete Carroll’s tenure as head coach of the Seahawks: — 14 seasons — Super Bowl XLVIII Champion — Winning record in 11 of 14 seasons as head coach — 137 wins & .606 win pct are both highest in Seahawks franchise history — 10 playoff wins since 2010 (T-3rd in the NFL among head… pic.twitter.com/8uKjDVX9yB

— NFL (@NFL) January 10, 2024

Statement from Jody Allen — Chair, Seattle Seahawks pic.twitter.com/RNUZvF6Vgp

— Seattle Seahawks (@Seahawks) January 10, 2024

Two thoughts on Carroll out as Seahawks coach:

1) Seahawks job is a good one. Lots of young talent, and some established talent at key positions (QB, WR). But if Pete stays…that gets weird.

2) Carroll emphatically and inarguably still has the juice, if he wants to coach still

— Benjamin Solak (@BenjaminSolak) January 10, 2024

One of the Greatest Ever.

“Keep Shooting” Coach.

Grateful for the memories. @PeteCarroll

Best is Ahead. https://t.co/ct3W4IYIyf

— Russell Wilson (@DangeRussWilson) January 10, 2024

Hard to believe anyone else will be the hawks head coach. I’m grateful I was able to experience a man like you as my leader. I’ll never forget being wheeled out of a hospital alone at 3 am and seeing you with your wife still waiting to give me a hug. Thank you for everything pic.twitter.com/w9GzuCjVJb

— Jimmy Graham (@TheJimmyGraham) January 10, 2024

Seattle is expected to be interested in, amongst others, in Cowboys’ defensive coordinator Dan Quinn, per sources. Quinn worked with Seattle from 2009-2010, and again 2013-14.

— Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) January 10, 2024

I’m bummed to see the Pete Carroll era end. He’s a Seattle institution and created some of the best years in Seahawks history. I’ve bought into to so many of his philosophical mantras and respect his dogged, resolute optimism. He’s influenced so many. So, salute to a legend

— Danny Kelly (@DannyBKelly) January 10, 2024

Pete Carroll is out at Seahawks head coach…@ColinCowherd reacts now pic.twitter.com/VDG0o5h9Jm

— Herd w/Colin Cowherd (@TheHerd) January 10, 2024


1-Thank you @PeteCarroll for 14 years of selfless leadership

2-”We lost our edge to be great.” And that was the Line of Scrimmage

3-John Schneider’s role will be elevated & next HC will be his decision

4-Pete still wants to coach

5-That presser was incredibly well done pic.twitter.com/Fu5LAr6Clk

— Brock Huard (@BrockHuard) January 10, 2024

From The Insiders: Pete Carroll is out as #Seahawks head coach, and Seattle will have interest in #Cowboys DC Dan Quinn — but several other teams will, as well. pic.twitter.com/ytNKKHdche

— Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet) January 10, 2024

Obviously early in process but beyond Dan Quinn, another person with strong ties to #seahawks FO is … Mike McCarthy. Just something to keep in mind if certain things unfold.

— Mike Sando (@SandoNFL) January 10, 2024

I think Seattle should conduct a broad search bc there are so many top tier candidates this cycle, buuuuuuuuuuuut Dan Quinn + Devon Witherspoon would be electric

— Mina Kimes (@minakimes) January 10, 2024

Pete Carroll’s Seahawks once had a run of 98(!) straight games where they had a lead or were within one score in the 4th quarter.

Winning record in 11 of 14 seasons. Regardless of circumstance, got players to believe something good was just around the corner. All-time run.

— Sheil Kapadia (@SheilKapadia) January 10, 2024

In my time in Seattle sports, there has never been a figure as compelling, curious, authentic and original as Pete Carroll.

I beseech the football gods not to bring Jim Harbaugh to Seattle.

Unless it’s for a cage match with Pete.

— Art Thiel (@ArtThiel) January 10, 2024

Pete Carroll gave Seattle a lot of legendary moments…

But this one might be the best. (via @Seahawks) pic.twitter.com/4qdCoGisUm

— NFL (@NFL) January 10, 2024

Thank you @PeteCarroll for the greatest era of Seahawks football!

— Joel Dahmen (@JoelDahmen) January 10, 2024

I feel an immense amount of gratitude to Bert Kolde and Jody Allen for making a tough decision when there were plenty of reasons to stick with status quo.

You cannot be an elite franchise if you do not hold an incredibly high bar. Thank to them for doing that. pic.twitter.com/3yIa927uxy

— Brian Nemhauser (@hawkblogger) January 10, 2024

A moment from what became Pete Carroll’s last practice as Seahawks head coach. pic.twitter.com/NMlh1ELcQi

— Bob Condotta (@bcondotta) January 10, 2024

I played football when I was younger and all the coaches treated it like the military and then Pete Carroll comes along and wins championships while treating each dude as an individual. What a guy.

— David Kroman (@KromanDavid) January 10, 2024

My immediate take is that it’s wild the #Seahawks organization didn’t let Pete Carroll have one more year of this mini rebuild with John Schneider.

— Matty F. Brown (@mattyfbrown) January 10, 2024

Pete Carroll wasn’t supposed to be good in the NFL, wasn’t supposed to build an elite defense in this era, wasn’t supposed to win with his offensive philosophy, wasn’t supposed to win without Russell Wilson…I could go on. Absolute stud who made many of us look like idiots.

— Kevin Clark (@bykevinclark) January 10, 2024

How ironic would it be if Jim Harbaugh replaced Pete Carroll? That’s another name Jody Allen should be looking at, IMO.

— Corbin K. Smith (@CorbinSmithNFL) January 10, 2024

Did he know? I took this picture after the Eagles game. pic.twitter.com/PKn4ma7KZI

— Chris Egan King-5 TV (@ChrisEgan5) January 10, 2024