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Friday,  July 19 , 2024

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How to create great man cave

You need more than big TV for fun, comfy space

By Kaitlyn Keegan, Hartford Courant
Published: May 4, 2024, 6:04am

Creating a great man cave takes some planning. There are some things you definitely won’t forget — like the biggest TV your space can handle — but there are also things you want to remember — like a pool table or kegorator.

Sharon McCormick, of Sharon McCormick Designs, gave some tips on how to design a perfect space to watch the game.

One of the first things beside the TV you want to think about is seating. How many people do you wish to seat comfortably in the room? If it’s a basement, you may have room for multiple couches or chairs. If it’s a smaller room, maybe a sectional would do the trick.

“Invest in comfortable seating like recliners or a large sectional sofa that will fit all of your fellow basketball fans,” McCormick said. “Support your back with team pillows for even more comfort. Bean bag chairs or floor pillows accommodate the younger spectators. An upholstered ottoman serves double-duty — put your feet up or serve snacks on a tray.”

Besides a perfect high-resolution TV, you want to consider the entire entertainment system. You will probably want to equip the room with a surround-sound system, soundbar or a full-fledged home theater system, especially since you’ll want to hear the action.

Want the room not to feel like your average space?

“Add masculine touches to the space with sports memorabilia and other decor that reflects your interests and hobbies,” McCormick suggested. “Use a lighted display case if you have a large collection. Frame jerseys, caps, autographs, team coins and ticket stubs. Shadow boxes of helmets and balls placed on lighted floating shelves will wow your friends.”

Another aspect of the room you’ll want to consider is lighting.

“Lighting plays an important role in setting the mood of your man cave. Install dimmer switches or smart lighting controls to adjust the brightness according to your preferences. Adjustable pin lights will make your wall décor pop. Wall sconces and decorative ceiling lights add ambiance. Theme table and floor lamps can add a touch of humor,” McCormick said.

When it comes to drinks and snacks, you’ll want to be well-stocked and prepared. No one wants to miss the action because they were in the kitchen getting a fresh beer. Build a bar into the room, especially with a kegorator. You’ll also want a mini-fridge or refrigerator drawers along with cabinets, dishwasher and a stone sink. Some bar stools will add extra seating to the room.

If you have enough space, it can be great to add a few extra entertainment options. This can include a foosball table, pool table or dartboard.