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Sunday,  May 26 , 2024

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Letter: Jewish tradition is basis for morality

By Louise Johns, Ridgefield
Published: May 15, 2024, 6:00am

I read with interest Howard Meharg’s letter (“Morality goes beyond Christianity,” Our Readers’ Views, May 8). Actually, our values are a result of the Jews and their belief in one god and the Ten Commandments. Jesus, let us not forget, was a Jew who clarified what He believed God wanted. Before that time, our current value system did not exist. Life was mostly war, conquering other civilizations and helping oneself to the spoils. Read “How the Irish Saved Civilization” for an enlightening read on the subject.

I agree that one does not have to be religious or a believer to be moral. What we now take as common sense was a gift of the Jews. Many people today are ignorant of that fact, are antisemitic and intolerant. Ironic, isn’t it? Maybe we might have evolved into a just society were it not for the Jews, but it might have taken millennia if it happened at all.

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