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Sunday,  May 26 , 2024

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Letter: System benefits Trump

By Dave Van Curen, Longview
Published: May 15, 2024, 6:00am

I agree with Donald Trump that there is a two-tiered justice system in the U.S. However, this agreement needs an examination.

Jack Teixeira, an airman in the Massachusetts Air National Guard was quickly arrested and denied release or home arrest for disclosure of classified documents in April 2023 and agreed to accept a 16-year federal prison sentence in March 2024, and may face subsequent military charges.

Donald Trump refused to return over 100 classified documents to the National Archives that he had been storing in unsecured cardboard boxes at his estate even after he was subpoenaed for them. He was indicted in June 2023, but instead of swift accountability, the judge, who he appointed to the bench, has used every procedural roadblock at her disposal to slow-walk the case for a year and has now postponed it indefinitely. He has not, as of today, spent a day in jail.

Is Trump a beneficiary or victim? He is clearly the beneficiary of our two-tiered justice system, one for him, one for the rest of us.

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