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Monday,  July 15 , 2024

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Hotels making ‘hush trips’ easier

Where to go for your next remote work vacation

By Terika L. Haynes, TravelPulse
Published: May 25, 2024, 5:05am
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While this man is taking working while traveling nearly to an extreme, other set-ups can work well when you bring your job on your vacation.
While this man is taking working while traveling nearly to an extreme, other set-ups can work well when you bring your job on your vacation. (Dreamstime) Photo Gallery

COVID-19 changed our lives and gave us a new normal on many things including the way that we work and where we work from. An increasing number of employees are embracing the concept of “hush trips” — a secret vacation away from the office that combines remote work with an enjoyable getaway.

A hush trip, sometimes called a workcation, gives employees a change of scenery away from their regular office environment to achieve their work responsibilities while also balancing vacation activities including dining, wellness, outdoor adventures, and more. The name “hush” reflects the fact that typically the employer does not know that their employee is out of town and on vacation.

While there are some that are against hush trips, there can be some benefits that include:

  • Work-life balance: Traveling to a new destination can provide a more favorable work-life balance. Employees can leave workplace stress behind while still tending to professional duties from a relaxing environment better suited for work-life integration.
  • Renewed focus: A change of scenery and routine can reinvigorate employees’ motivation, mental sharpness, and creativity. New sights and experiences recharge their focus.
  • Wellness boost: With more time for fitness, mindfulness, sleep, and nutrition, hush trips are a prime opportunity to reboot mental and physical health.

Relationship strengthening — Bringing a partner or family along can maximize quality time together in a new, exciting setting.

  • Cultural experiences: Immersion in a different locale allows for new cultures, cuisines, and customs that can broaden horizons.

The rise of remote work has made hush trips a viable option for many professionals looking to mix business with leisure (“bleisure”) while they are traveling. With just a laptop and WiFi, employees can embrace the digital nomad lifestyle for days or weeks at a time at accommodations and destinations that are responding to the increased demand of remote workers for bleisure travel. An increasing number of hotels are rolling out specialized packages catering to those seeking a workcation experience. There are also a number of destinations that are welcoming travelers for hush trips. Here are some standout “hush trip” offerings:

AC Clearwater Beach (Clearwater Beach, Fla.)

The AC Clearwater Beach Hotel has created a fabulous offer for hush trip travelers. Their Hush Trip Haven package includes a Worker’s Welcome Packet that has a portable charging dock, printing credits, a branded notepad, an eye mask for rest, lavender sachets for relaxation, a complimentary drink voucher, and a door hanger with custom messaging for the room service team. Guests will also have access to a personal refreshment concierge from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. to make sure that they stay energized and hydrated without distraction.

For guests who do not want to work in their rooms, they will have access to a dedicated co-working space in the AC Business Center, equipped with essential amenities. If guests need a space for virtual meetings they will receive priority access to the AC Media Salon. To entice guests to stay longer, Hush Trip Haven guests can enjoy a 10 percent discount on stays of three or more weekday nights.

Bayfront Marin House (St. Augustine, Fla.)

The Bayfront Marin House is a great option for guests who want an intimate vacation experience during their hush trip. The historic inn offers the Working Hard Hush Trip package that includes complimentary breakfast daily, a portable desk, printer access, and happy hour. Bayfront Marin House is also a wonderful option for couples who wish to travel together as they offer a complimentary trolley ticket for the nonworking guest to occupy themselves during the day and in-room couples massage treatments. The Working Hard Hush Trip Package is currently available as an add-on to any reservation.

Grey Havens Inn (Georgetown, Maine)

At Grey Havens Inn they promise not to tell your boss if you indulge in their Hush Trip Extended Stay Package. This package includes daily breakfast, free internet, a complimentary upgrade, a welcome pack of snacks and libations, and personalized afternoon itineraries for guests to enjoy once all of their work is completed. Guests can receive 25 percent off if they stay 7 days or longer.

The William Vale (Brooklyn, N.Y.)

The William Vale hotel is an excellent option for luxury travelers who are looking to take a hush trip work trip while simultaneously seeking leisurely experiences while in the city. The hotel offers their Working Williamsburg package to employees who wish to work under the radar. The package includes a discount of up to 20 percent off of guest rooms and suites, complimentary daily breakfast, and a complimentary day pass to The Malin Williamsburg, a design-forward communal workspace located inside of the hotel’s building.


While hotels are rolling out enticing hush trip packages, there are some cities that are also getting in on the action. Recognizing the appeal of destinations that combine remote work opportunities with urban amenities and outdoor adventures, these destinations are actively courting digital nomads and traveling professionals:

Visit Pittsburgh

Known for its picturesque landscapes and cultural attractions, Pittsburgh welcomes employees to experience hush trips amidst all that the city has to offer. Travelers can explore parks, museums, and serene neighborhoods. The former industrial city is rolling out the red carpet for digital nomads as they provide a detailed list and tips on where to stay, where to dine, and things to do while visiting the city.

Visit Dallas

With plentiful hotel options, free public WiFi lounges, and a lively mix of urban and outdoor pursuits, Dallas provides a perfect setting for hush trips. The city promises to keep your trip “hush-hush” and offers a range of bleisure experiences for travelers to enjoy during their hush trip. Dallas provides an extensive list of ‘hotspots for hush trips’ including coworking spaces and non-traditional spaces with free wi-fi for travelers to easily attend to their work obligations.

Embrace the vacation vibes with a hush trip and then return to the office refreshed, ready to tackle new challenges.