Tuesday, June 28, 2022
June 28, 2022

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Camden: Capital gains tax and English class

April 20, 2022, 6:01am Columns

It didn’t take a crystal ball to predict that supporters of Initiative 1929 would file a legal challenge to the state Attorney General’s proposed title and description of their ballot measure. Read story

McManus: Cost of China’s COVID policy

April 19, 2022, 6:01am Columns

The stories from Shanghai, a city of 25 million entering its fourth week of COVID-19 lockdown, have been harrowing. Read story

Ascoli: Improve Holocaust education before it’s too late

April 18, 2022, 6:02am Columns

‘What’s the difference between a Jew and a Boy Scout?” a friend asked, with a broad grin on his face, as I sat down in my seventh-grade science class. “The Boy Scout comes back from camp!” He and everyone else at my table burst out laughing. Did my classmates even… Read story

Rubin: Putin all in on Big Lie in Ukraine

April 18, 2022, 6:01am Columns

When Russian soldiers invaded Lubyanka, a village near the ravaged Kyiv suburb of Bucha, the Russians forced all the men to assemble in a central square. Then the invaders demanded that the Nazis step forward. Read story

Estrich: COVID-19 questions persist

April 18, 2022, 6:01am Columns

The first time around, I thanked God, my daughter and Twitter for managing to snag me one of the first appointments for a COVID-19 vaccine. It was February of last year, and I felt like I’d won the lottery. I drove for an hour to East Los Angeles, stood in… Read story

Pitts: We hold these truths to be self-evident

April 18, 2022, 6:01am Columns

“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.” Read story

Jayne: Money makes the head spin ’round

April 17, 2022, 6:02am Columns

With this being tax season and with inflation running amok, finances are top of mind for Americans. Read story

Westneat: Replacing derogatory names is new front for culture wars

April 17, 2022, 6:01am Columns

The drive to expunge the derogatory term “squaw” from some of our lakes, creeks and buttes is going as well as you might expect in a country as riven about its history as this one. Read story

Other Papers Say: Bill gives farmers a fair shot

April 17, 2022, 6:01am Columns

The conversation around supply chain woes has been dominated by imports — understandably so, as most Americans can see the impact in rising prices and empty shelves. But agricultural exports, a key driver of Washington’s economy, have also suffered. Read story

Barabak: Let’s try mandatory voting

April 17, 2022, 6:01am Columns

What if everyone in America had to vote? Read story