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Saturday,  May 25 , 2024

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Fitness in Mind, Body and Spirit Adds Vitality to Life

Published: February 28, 2022, 12:35am

Social, physical and mental wellness are vital factors at any age, but especially as one reaches retirement age. Glenwood Place and The Quarry Senior Living communities both have a strong focus on keeping their residents as fit as possible through a wide variety of programs and activities for every regardless of ability level.

At Glenwood Place, you can choose to work out in their Sky Gym or saltwater pool. The Quarry also offers pool therapy as well as multiple areas for one-on-one fitness sessions or group classes. Garry Renschler, a 13-year employee at Glenwood as a Certified Personal Trainer, really loves helping residents reach their best level of fitness to improve their life, personal well-being, and safety.

Both Glenwood and The Quarry concentrate on six specific areas including consultations designed to promote fitness based on each person’s resident’s specific needs.

  • Their six focuses include:
  •  Cardio equipment exercise with an escort to and from the gym, and training on use of the equipment for varying ability levels.
  • In-home training in residents’ apartments for their comfort and privacy.
  •  A fall prevention program that includes balance, strength, and coordination.
  •  Post-therapy programs, which help residents continue the programs that they have started with third-party therapists that they have previously worked with. “The team jumps right in to make sure gains made in therapy do not slip away,” said Renschler.
  • Water therapy in saltwater pools offers gentle, non-weight bearing exercise and movement for joints.
  • Customized programs specific to individual needs including for Parkinson’s Disease, MS and multiple other diagnoses.

At The Quarry Senior Living, Fitness Director Austin Karn and his team are continually updating their fitness offerings. Recently they added a twice-weekly Circuit Training program to enhance their many offerings. Residents love being able to get a full-body workout that is not only beneficial to their health but also a lot of fun!

Karn is PWR (Parkinson’s Wellness Recovery) Certified, and The Quarry offers an extensive program. “Parkinson’s causes people to move slow and with small movements, so our workshops stress movement and mobility by encouraging faster and bigger movements,” said Karn. This program is specifically offered to existing residents only.

“We work one-on-one or in groups, encouraging exercise to lessen the symptoms of this disease,” said Karn.

The fitness teams at both Glenwood and The Quarry provides exercise classes throughout the week. Some of their offerings include:

  • Better Balance, using static exercise, gentle movement, weight shifting, and lunges.
  • Body In Motion, upper and lower body strengthening with weights and bands, often seated, to strengthen the full body.
  • Golden Steppers class, with dance steps to favorite songs. “There’s lots of laughter and learning the steps and repeating them is a great memory tool,” said Karn.

Their gyms concentrate on coordination and cardio, using treadmills, seated elliptical machines, and hydraulic-based weight machines that are easy to increase or decrease resistance for each person’s needs, and is shared by their onsite rehab therapy team, ONR.

“We follow a holistic model. Anyone who can benefit from our help to be more functional and confident in themselves receives our services,” said Steven Cabrales, director of orthopedic and neurological rehab and physical therapist at the communities. “We have four therapists and four fitness specialists on the staff, and provide physical, occupational and speech therapy all on-site.” He added that individualized visits to apartments for therapy has been a huge blessing during the past couple of years.

Therapy and exercise programs promote fitness but also add life enrichment and mental stimulation, good for healthy living at any age.

The social wellness programs at Glenwood and The Quarry are equally important for mental and emotional well-being. These include activities and events, arts and crafts, gardening, musical performances, discussion groups, game times, in addition to gentle exercise and movement. Renschler and Karn both emphasized that social wellness slows down cognitive decline and is especially important to health, well-being, longevity and happiness.

Exercise and movement programs aim to help community members maintain their current level of care for as long as possible. The programs offered at both The Quarry and Glenwood Place help meet the needs of the residents for an enriching and healthier lifestyle.

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