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Monday,  May 27 , 2024

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How to Plan Your Upcoming Vancouver Move

Sponsored by Redefyne Moving
Published: July 10, 2023, 5:00am

Vancouver, Washington has become one of the Northwest’s most popular destinations in 2023.

This Clark County city has a distinct charm that attracts people from all over the country and keeps people living in the area long-term. There are so many amenities, sceneries, great neighborhoods and mild weather.

Our Portland Movers can help you move to, from, or in Vancouver! We service all of the Portland and Vancouver areas.

A Vancouver Move is Easier with Professional Movers

Vancouver offers some of the most beautiful natural landscapes you’ll find in the American Northwest, along with recreational activities to match. It’s a serene spot nestled in nature, close to the exciting city atmosphere but far enough away that you can enjoy peace and quiet.

Based in Portland, our locally owned and operated Portland moving company will protect all your items, so you can enjoy beautiful Vancouver for all it has to offer. We’re always ready to pack bikes, hiking equipment, fishing poles, and other outdoor equipment, along with the usual items like furniture, electronics, antiques, and clothing.

When you are about to move you may think of simply asking friends and family to help with the move to save money, but this isn’t advised. Moving is strenuous, and it could result in injuries or damage to your property. It is important to hire professional movers to move your belongings.

Reasons you need to hire professional movers instead of relying on friends and family:

  • Trucks with drivers: One of the things that you will have to do if you move by yourself is rent a truck and handle the drive – which is overwhelming to many people. Our team is trained to drive large trucks to your new Vancouver home.
  • Licensed and Insured: Your friends and family are not insured and therefore you have no protection for your items during the move. We are both licensed and insured.
  • We take our job seriously: Our job is moving. Our main focus in this business is to move your belongings from one place to the other. We are very serious about customer satisfaction and will strive to give you the best service possible.
  • Quick moving: Since we have been doing this for many years, we can move your belongings much quicker than your friends and family.
  • Experience: We have experience moving all types of items from antiques, to pianos, to furniture. We know how to move it all but we can’t say the same thing about your friends and family.

We’ve got the skills to get you moved safely and swiftly. Our fully licensed team is also insured, providing a second layer of protection for your property during a move to Vancouver. Our residential and commercial moving experts are prepared to help you move regardless of your Portland or Vancouver location.

Preparing for a Move in Vancouver

Our professional and licensed movers can provide packing, loading, transport, and more to support your Vancouver move. So what do you need to do?

  • Pack an overnight bag: One way to make moving day easier on yourself is to pack an overnight bag of essentials. This includes items you’ll want to have close by like water, snacks, medicine, and any other personal items you need. This will be the only thing you have to pack on your own if you choose our packing services.
  • Get childcare/pet care: You won’t have to do any loading or unloading, either. However, you can still help us expedite the process by making sure your area is ready. This means ensuring that your kids and pets are clear of the work area so we can streamline your moving experience.
  • Move utilities: Don’t forget to cancel your utilities and change them to your new address. We certainly don’t want you to move into your new property without the amenities that you need.
  • Sit back and relax: If you hire professional packers and movers then you don’t need to do anything – we have got you covered! We will pack, load, drive, and unload all of your belongings.

Find Full-Service Movers for your Vancouver Move

If you are going to move in Vancouver you need to find a full-service moving company that offers packing, loading, unloading, and storage services. Find a licensed team that offers packing supplies, moving trucks and insurance for added protection of your items.

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