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Monday, September 25, 2023
Sept. 25, 2023

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It’s Annual Enrollment Time!

How Choosing a Local Broker Helps You Reduce Stress and Confusion and Save Money

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You’ve been getting the phone calls and extra mail and can’t even watch a TV program without a barrage of Medicare ads, each company hawking its wares. What to do? Where to start? When you’re feeling confused and overwhelmed there’s help!

Just to be clear, that help isn’t in the form of calling the 800 number from the TV ads and for heaven’s sake don’t click on a link for “Medicare Help” from an Internet search unless you can see a local address connected with it. The non-stop calls that will ensue once you do this will drive you batty!

You just want to find out if you’re on the right plan, should you choose Medicare Advantage or a Medicare supplement or just run with only a prescription drug plan. The choices are complex but can be easily navigated by an independent broker who is local and well trained in all the options.

For example, your health care choices vary based on how much health care you need. Often, it’s assumed that the cheaper plans will save money because the monthly premiums are low or even non-existent. While this is true in a lot of instances, there are times when the copays and coinsurance might add up to an uncomfortable amount. Not to worry. There are ways to mitigate these expenses by choosing Medicare Advantage plans with lower copays and lower Out of Pocket Maximums.

Conversely, if you need expensive medical care such as dialysis, chemotherapy or radiation and you are newly eligible for Medicare you should discuss this with your broker who might suggest looking into the option called Medicare Supplements. These plans work to supplement and pay for some of the costs that Original Medicare doesn’t cover and have a higher monthly premium. You must also purchase a Part D prescription drug plan. Unfortunately, in our area many providers are opting out of accepting Original Medicare so this route may not be viable.

Overall, not to worry. An experienced broker such as Stacey Johnson and the agents at Your Insurance Gal Agency will help sort out your options to ensure that your needs and budget are addressed, and your Medicare plan choice is the perfect one for you. We are invested in your best outcome, and you become like family to us. We will be there for you to help you with this complex yet all so important decision.

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