Monday, December 5, 2022
Dec. 5, 2022

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The Quarry, Glenwood Place Put Residents First


When winter weather hits, everyone experiences challenges with transportation, cancellation of events, and loneliness, especially our local senior community. Those living at Glenwood Place and The Quarry, however, find that the staff members and management go the extra mile during challenging times to make sure that their lives continue to remain safe and comfortable. Add in a pandemic and it takes extra care and planning from both staff and management.

Laura McCormack is the Life Enrichment Director at The Quarry and has been on the staff for nearly nine years. She stresses that, “We make sure our residents feel safe and comfortable, and we try to make their senior years as happy as possible. We work hard to keep our residents safe during inclement weather, and our staff takes extraordinary steps to do so — anything from getting residents to doctor’s appointments to coming in early, even staying overnight at the community to make sure we are fully staffed.”

These efforts not only help meet basic needs, but also provide the best possible senior living experience.

Getting from one place to another becomes a challenge as we age, but employees like Carroll Myers help solve those issues. He is a retired pastor who drives for Glenwood, providing transportation for seniors for fourteen years. “I love every day because of what I can do with and for the residents. I really try to think what I would want if my mother or father lived here and do that. I am fueled by working here. The residents deserve the best possible care.” Both Glenwood Place and The Quarry share a fleet of vehicles that have varying passenger capacities, as well as vehicles outfitted for inclement weather conditions, so residents can be driven to important appointments even in bad weather.

Typically, the social calendar at both communities are robust with lots of entertainment. Both Glenwood and The Quarry have had to be creative to continue to offer what we have always had in different ways. Residents can be as active and busy as they desire with all of the social activities and outings available. “We include countryside drives, mystery drives, and other activities both inside and out in the community.” Carroll personally comes in each morning to deliver newspapers to resident’s doors along with birthday or thinking of you notes when appropriate. He loves the variety of things that he gets to do each day and the feeling of being of service to people who have become his friends.

The Quarry Senior Living along with their sister facility, Glenwood Place Senior Living, offer independent living, assisted living, Parkinson’s Care, memory care, and respite care. They have high standards when it comes to resident care and specially trained staff members available 24/7. They also staff nurses around the clock in order to accommodate any need that might arise and in an effort to help their residents avoid a trip to the hospital or doctor’s office.

These last two years have thrown multiple challenges at the senior care industry but The Quarry and Glenwood’s teams have quickly changed and adapted. They often hear from communities about difficulties maintaining a full staff especially during inclement weather. The Quarry and Glenwood have incredible staff that continue to show up and devote themselves to resident comfort and safety including getting them to their appointments and ensuring that all of their needs are met. “Our employees work hard because they love collaborating with seniors, and they love taking care of people,” said McCormack.

Every day, senior care employees have the chance to make a difference in the lives of seniors by helping to them maintain their dignity, comfort, and overall well-being. Staff members form bonds with the residents – leadership, transportation, CNAs, facilities personnel, food services, and more. The staff are deeply committed to the work they do. The proof of this dedication can be found in the tenure of the staff that work at both communities.

“Some of our staff members have been here for a really long time,” shared McCormack, “especially some of our department heads who have worked with us for a decade or more. Our staff is kind of like a family. We take care of each other, and we work overtime if necessary to make life easier for our residents.”

Potential residents visiting for the first time receive a warm greeting, and a homelike atmosphere. Those beginning to explore senior living options are treated as unique individuals – not just another number. The staff provides tours, consults with them about the various living options and services that are available, and helps them proceed through the decision-making process about their future home. That discussion includes deciding if Glenwood or The Quarry is the best fit for their needs. Whether they choose either of these communities or make another decision, client satisfaction is the primary goal. McCormack stressed that, “We want to help people find what’s best for them, even if it’s not here.”

The team makes it a point to understand resident needs fully and bring them to fruition. Whether a resident previously had a lifelong career, wants to reignite past interests, or try something new, staff members prioritize these dreams and help make them a reality. “Over the past year, we’ve had former professors join our community, and they are so enthusiastic about giving lectures and providing lifelong learning opportunities for others,” commented McCormack. They try to provide space and materials for a wide range of interests, so residents can continue with their passions or develop new ones.

Senior care is not just about providing basic living and medical care, it is about forming a relationship and giving residents the most comfort and happiness possible in their retirement years. Staff members address the total care of the residents. They will provide transportation to appointments, help them pursue their hobbies, and assist with health care and mobility. Inclement weather does not stop employees at The Quarry and Glenwood Place from going the extra mile for their residents.

These Vancouver-based facilities will continue to do a superior job serving the needs of seniors in Clark County and continue to uphold their reputation as one of the best communities to live in for senior care.

Contact The Quarry (360) 450-4261 or Glenwood Place at (360) 200-7703.

(360) 450-4261

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