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Saturday,  May 18 , 2024

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The Springs at The Waterfront Elevates Baby Boomer Lifestyle

Sponsored by The Springs at The Waterfront
Published: November 20, 2023, 4:35am

As the youngest Baby Boomers reach their 60’s in 2024, they are considering how to support their lifestyle and needs for the future. Born between 1946 and 1964, Baby Boomers are looking ahead to determine how best to continue enjoying life to its fullest. Spoiler alert: It’s not their parents’ retirement plan.

Beyond freedom from everyday chores, Baby Boomers want opportunities for intellectual growth and cultural experiences. They want access to resources for optimum health and wellness. Recognizing this, The Springs Living is building the next generation of residential communities with The Springs at The Waterfront.

Located along the Columbia River and standing 12 stories high, The Springs at the Waterfront offers commanding views of the Pacific Northwest’s natural beauty as well as convenient access to a variety of retail shops and dining options. In anticipation of its scheduled opening in 2024, virtual tours are currently available by appointment at hellovancouver@thespringsliving.com.

Clark County has become a desirable place to retire, not only because of the generous tax benefits the state offers, but also for the popular shops and restaurants in Vancouver. Having housing options with a continuum of health services, like The Springs at The Waterfront, will serve local residents and their families for years to come.

Locally based in McMinnville, Oregon, The Springs Living has 19 other communities in Oregon and Montana, each with their own unique qualities.

“Everything we’ve learned since starting this business nearly 30 years ago has gone into creating this very special community,” said The Springs Living Founder & CEO Fee Stubblefield. “We took care to really listen to prospective residents about what they want so we can deliver. Also, this building has been designed to enhance the health and wellness of everyone who lives or works there. We’ve been very intentional with every detail of the design and programs so residents can live life to its fullest.”

Beyond the satisfaction of building and operating this exquisite community locally, Stubblefield takes pride in the company’s practice of hiring community teams that reflect the values he grew up with at Lehman Hot Springs in the Blue Mountains of Eastern Oregon. He started the company in 1996 to fulfill a promise he made to his grandmother to not move her anywhere that didn’t feel like home. When he couldn’t find an option that would help him fulfill that promise, he decided to build a community for her with the goal that it would feel welcoming, warm, and be staffed with a team that felt like family.

Each of The Springs Living communities provides services with the intention of freeing residents from doing chores so they can instead focus on enjoying life. From restaurant-style dining options to in-house building maintenance, community teams take care of cooking, housekeeping, planning social events, and more.

Over the years, The Springs Living has put energy toward nurturing an enrichment culture to provide care through genuine, compassionate relationships. Knowing he couldn’t be present in each community every day as the company grew, Stubblefield works to empower staff by giving every employee permission to do the right thing to deliver a quality experience for each resident.

“The Springs Living was founded in Oregon and has grown very slowly and purposefully, focusing on the Northwest,” said Stubblefield. “This geographical concentration allows us the resources to maintain the highest quality operations for our residents and employees.
For all of these reasons, creating a new community in Vancouver came naturally.”

The Springs at The Waterfront will be the first community in Washington State for The Springs Living. There are 14 Springs Living communities in Oregon, including seven in the Portland Metro Area in areas such as Hillsboro, Lake Oswego, and Happy Valley. The company also has five communities across Montana.

Stubblefield added that vibrant settings are a must when considering where to open a new community. “We see Vancouver as a city that has purposely focused on keeping strong community values, while proactively reinventing itself for the future. The result is a wonderful place for people to call home,” he said. “The Waterfront will appeal to those who want to live where the action is.”

Situated along a half-mile of south-facing riverfront. The Waterfront is a lively neighborhood with a forward thinking take on urban living, complete with retail shops, boutique hotels, flagship restaurants, local tasting rooms, and wide-open green spaces. As this newly developed area of Vancouver continues to grow, new neighbors continue being announced, including local ice cream maker, Salt & Straw, which recently announced plans to add a location at The Waterfront.

With The Springs at The Waterfront being designed to meet or exceed LEED Certification and Fitwel Certification, residents, staff, and even the environment will benefit. The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) is the organization behind LEED Certification, the world’s most preeminent green building system. Its mission is to transform how buildings and communities are designed, built, and operated, enabling an environmentally- and socially-responsible environment that improves the quality of life of those who live and work there.

Originally created by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the U.S. General Services Administration, Fitwel certifies the health and well-being credentials of multi use residential, single tenant, commercial, industrial, retail, and senior housing buildings. Certification is based on criteria like operational policies for indoor air quality and cleaning practices, design strategies like stairwell access and lighting, access to green spaces, and amenities like fitness centers and walking trails.

With 250 residences prepped to serve people looking for independent living, assisted living, and memory care options, The Springs at The Waterfront provides a variety of enriching experiences for residents whether in the community, the vibrant neighborhood, or at the many cultural and outdoor events just a short drive away.

For more information about The Springs at the Waterfront, contact Sales Director Candice Marcks at 360-696-9400

655 W Columbia Way Suite 602, Vancouver, WA 98660

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