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Saturday,  May 25 , 2024

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Top 4 Bars to Visit on National Beer Day

It's a Real Thing

Published: April 5, 2019, 6:00am
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Cenosillicaphobia – have you heard of it? It’s a feeling that leaves you quivering in your boots and terrified of what happens next. That’s right, it’s the fear of an empty beer glass! Many people in Clark County will be experiencing this ghastly fear while searching for their next cold brew this weekend during National Beer Day. However, those visiting the famous Cerveza “Beer” Factory in Battle Ground will never experience the feeling of a dry mouth or an empty cup this splendid holiday! With over two dozen delectable brews on tap, you’ll be sure to find any taste to quench your thirst.

If you haven’t already had the opportunity to visit Cerveza Factory, or any of Jorge’s Restaurants throughout Clark county – this weekend is the time to start. With an extravagant food and snack menu with every flavor, endless crunchy chips with savory salsa and the best guacamole in Clark County, how could you go wrong? Along with their extensive food menus, these restaurants are quite well-known to think ‘Out of the box’ on the normal drinks you see around town. Not necessarily into beer? Try a specialty drink called the “Mexican Bulldog,” which includes an oversized margarita with a miniature Corona dunked in it! Not quite sure what you want to drink? Ask any of the bartenders what they suggest and see what they come up with for you!

Now, we totally get it – some of you are thinking “Battle Ground, really? Too far!” Not to fret, there are several other locations around Clark County with the same incredible food and drink menus. Feel like doing a little bar hopping downtown Vancouver? Start your day with an appetizer and a frosty brew at Jorge’s Tequila Factory! Downtown not your style? Check out Margarita Factory in Hazel Dell, which offers more of a family style vibe (but don’t worry, there’s a bar too!) We haven’t forgotten about you East Siders either – head over to Jorge’s Margarita Factory off Mill plain, known for their incredible service and overall restaurant vibe. Rumor has it, all these locations will be offering some mouth-watering specials kicking off on Friday! This is not just a one day holiday at Jorge’s its a weekend full of fun! Beer sponsors will be attending all locations providing beer samples. Bar Neon signs will be raffled away every night at 8pm. Did we mention almost all the locations are opening their patios this weekend? Beer and sunshine – yes please.

Now that we’ve provided you with the best places to go to celebrate this spectacular holiday, let’s not go too overboard! Do you know the longest hangover in history lasted FOUR WEEKS after a Scotsman drank 60 pints of beer? Ouch. Drink responsibly, invite your friends and don’t forget to have an amazing time and make fantastic memories, because that’s what holidays are all about.

Learn more at http://jorgesmexicanrestaurants.com

Cerveza Factory
(360) 723-5415
11 N Parkway Ave #103
Battle Ground WA 98604

Margarita Factory East Mill Plain
(360) 882-8262
14415 SE Mill Plain Blvd #110B
Vancouver, WA 98684

Margarita Factory Hazel Dell
(360) 433-2257
8902 NE 5th Ave Suite 101
Vancouver, WA 98665

Jorges Tequila Factory Downtown
(360) 828-5543
1004 Washington St
Vancouver, WA 98660

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