WeatherEye: Expect mellow August weather to stick around for a few more days



Sweet serendipity. All we need weather-wise is a little cloudiness to keep the scorching heat away, a little sunshine to brighten the day and, of course, very pleasant temperatures. And so goes our forecast for the next several days.

We’ll see a few more clouds Tuesday, with little clearing, but we are good to go after that.

Now that we have accumulated more than a week of August weather in the books, how is a Vancouver doing? The average mean temperature is 69.1 degrees, about one degree below average. Rainfall is only a trace, so about a tenth of an inch below normal. Just noticed Vancouver has gone 18 days in a row without measurable rainfall. The monthly extremes so far are 84 degrees for a high and 54 degrees for a low. Pretty mellow, folks.

As soon as I had mentioned about hearing the first crickets of summer, I got a message from Debbie Derrick of Vancouver, who has heard her first one. I left the window open Sunday night to see if I could hear any in the field by my house, with no luck. No crickets, no frogs, just the distant roar of the ocean. Actually, it is the freeway, but I like to think of it as the great blue sea.

Talk of La Niña

Some climate experts are talking about LaNiña again. Not the type we experienced last winter and spring, but it could offer wetter and cooler conditions this fall and winter. Tell me it isn’t so. My friend Rod Hill mentioned it over the weekend and I have had some email inquiries about it.

And I was looking for more of the same to linger well into October and November. Technically, the National Climate Prediction Center is calling for equal chances of just about anything the next three months. In layman’s terms, it could be warmer or colder than average or it could be just “normal”. And any rain that falls in the bucket could be more or less than average or maybe just average. Goodness, anyone of us could issue that forecast, eh?

But don’t worry. I am sitting back right now, writing this on my laptop with my feet propped up and tossing a few darts at the dartboard. Thought I better get in practice.

Take care and enjoy the mellow puppy days of summer.

Patrick Timm is a local weather specialist. His column appears Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Reach him at