Letter: Keep effort going for multi-use venue



As a former coach and athletic director at Clark College, I totally understand the many benefits a multi-use facility on the campus of Clark College would have been to the college and our community. Our community needs and deserves a lighted and artificial-turf-covered facility that could be used year-round for soccer, baseball, softball, Clark College graduation, plus other activities and events.

The benefits that it would have been given to the community including youth athletics, Clark College, the construction industry, and the boost to the economics of the county would be long lasting.

In a recent Columbian story, Lisa Gibert, executive director of the Clark College Foundation, hinted that there were new contributors that could help make this multi-use facility a reality. We must pursue support from these contributors and others in the community. We can encourage a West Coast League team to use the facility in the summer, which would help lower costs. This price tag would be much smaller, and no public funds would be used. Let’s not let this dream die.

Dennis Huston