Letter: Wisconsin governor has done harm



The website by right-wing advocates, cited by Dwayne Erb in his Dec. 3 letter, “Progress seen in Wisconsin,” praised the enhanced destruction of collective bargaining, abolishing the age-old bargaining position with “insurance companies” and school districts.

Erb has clearly exposed the lies that were salted in the press on behalf of Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin. Walker has successfully gutted the teachers’ retirement funds. He wants to concentrate decision-making in his office to sell state properties to cronies in no-bid deals.

The voucher system is supported, whereby wealthy families send children to private schools, putting no limit on income and issuing vouchers to reimburse them for their children’s education, thus gutting public schools, leaving them to educate the poorest of the poor. Walker’s claim of saving the public schoolteachers’ jobs is misleading and erroneous. Nothing was gained for the K-12 public schools.

Wisconsin owes its public schoolteachers an apology. The ideology that teachers are overpaid and underworked is an old deliberate lie that has mushroomed into a terrible movement of hatred. Walker loves to make the public sector look as if the state is subsidizing benefits.

Donna McGrew