's newest feature: Hide user comments

By Libby Clark, Columbian Web Editor



What our readers say so far:

"Thanks Columbian for the IGNORE feature!!

Awwwwwwwwwww peaceful at last." - ELISI

"Wow! Love this "ignore" feature, Columbian! You must have read the comment section on your recent survey and took them to heart!


Merci mille fois!" - Manthou

"Aha!!! Now I know why the C has been so slow today. UPGRADES!!! They've got the new "ignore user" tab in place. I thank you, Columbian Webmaster. Now the roller skates don't need to be used any more, Hawkeye and Allen! Hopefully we won't get tendonitis from clicking it so much, lol." - Goldenoldie

To our readers: today rolled out a new "Ignore User" feature that allows you to choose which comments you see when you log on to the site.

If you think the comments of one user are particularly unsavory or egregious, for example, simply click the "Ignore User" link after one of their comments. This will hide all comments they leave on the site from your view.

If you change your mind or would like to see a particular comment within a discussion, click "Show Comments" after their name and their remarks will magically re-appear.

This new feature is one of several changes coming to in the near future aimed at improving your experience with our site. We're listening to your concerns and addressing them as best we can! Thanks for all your valuable comments and feedback.

~Libby Tucker, Web editor