Letter: Light rail has no value to majority



My thanks to Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler, R-Camas, for fighting for, supporting and respecting the people who will be stuck paying for this Columbia River Crossing project. Please continue to stand up to Mayor Tim Leavitt and his supporters on the Vancouver City Council, who insist on things their way; they could unnecessarily obstruct any attempt to vote on light rail. The people should have a say on what and how much of their money should be spent on this bridge.

The ridiculous cost of this bridge will further throw this community into the depths of recession without offering any relief to the traffic congestion in or through Portland. The bulk of the tolls will fall on the shoulders of Clark County residents, with no noticeable relief to traffic congestion. Light rail has no value to Clark County residents because in Oregon, it has limited routes.

If light rail would help some Clark Country residents, then they already can take C-Tran to the Delta Park terminal.

Ron McIver