Stalled rig blocks 15th Street




A load on a tractor-trailer rig shifted, crashing into the cab on 15th Street in downtown Vancouver on Tuesday morning, blocking traffic for nearly two hours.

The incident was reported at 9:44 a.m. Vancouver Firefighter Joe Spatz said the rig was westbound on 15th Street just east of Washington Street when the driver had to quickly apply his brakes because a car ahead stopped suddenly after the light turned from green to yellow. When the truck driver hit his brakes, straps holding bins of scrap metal in place broke and the bins slid forward. The load collided with the cab of the truck, pinning the driver inside.

Firefighters responded within two minutes and freed the driver. No one was hurt, Spatz said.

It took authorities more than two hours to reload the truck.

The truck is owned by North Fork Resources of Woodland. The driver’s name was not released.