H&H Wood Recyclers’ coupons help nonprofits



Nonprofit groups or teams interested in raising money for good causes can sell H&H Wood Recyclers coupons and keep the proceeds.

H&H, 8401 N.E. 117th Ave., provides the coupons with the name of the nonprofit group preprinted upon them. The nonprofits sell coupons for $1 each and keep what they earn. Plus, H&H will contribute another dollar to the nonprofit group for every coupon used.

H&H customers can use the coupons to get $2 off one yard of landscape products or one yard of material to be dumped. There will also be a raffle for coupon users on Sept. 16, with prizes including a riding mower, a walking mower and a trimmer.

Even after the raffle, coupons will be accepted through the end of this year. But the fundraiser ends on Sept. 15.

For more information, visit http://www.hhwoodrecyclers.com or call 360-892-2805.