Letter: Conservatives love big government



George Will in his June 12 column, “Dems will appease labor at any cost,” starts out with “government is dangerous,” a mantra for conservatives and Republicans. So why do they continually increase it? Editorial page editor John Laird, in his column “Fist-bumps in anti-government crowd,” points out that “government is us.” So conservatives and Republicans are denigrating ourselves? To what end?

Will speculates on Trade Adjustment Assistance interference in competition and cites costs of $975 million. Exxon-Mobil and GE paid little to no taxes on record profits ($5 billion or more) and got rebates, also. This is the competition Will likes. Profits first, people (labor) last, brought to you by the “dangerous government.”

Fact is, Republicans and conservatives love big government. It floats their rich friends’ boats while stifling labor with regulations like the Glass-Steagall Act, Railway Labor Act, etc. The competition Will likes is outsourcing of American labor’s jobs to Red China, Korea, etc. The cheap (trashy) goods imported are then cited as a “benefit” to Americans. The Democrats’ poor attempts to help the resulting fired (not laid-off) workers are then “dangerous government.”

Thanks for supporting profits over Americans, Mr. Will.

Bill Kelley