Letter: Biomass plan is ill-conceived



The Schofield Group L.L.C. is a local family-owned commercial real estate ownership group that has been actively involved in the development and growth of downtown Vancouver since our family first arrived here in the 1860s. For the record, we are adamantly opposed to Clark County’s proposed biomass generating power plant.

The potential for negative health factors from a generating facility that burns wood debris from forest logging operations is totally inconsistent with the Vancouver city center vision plan and would have a significant negative impact on our property values. This plan by Clark County ignores the redevelopment efforts over the past 10 years and into the future to make downtown Vancouver the vital center of commerce, entertainment and culture. This proposed facility, with its pungent emissions, jeopardize the health and quality of life of local employees, downtown visitors, shoppers and residents who will all be exposed to the impact on downtown Vancouver air quality from this facility.

We feel strongly that Clark County should reconsider this decision to move forward with this ill-conceived plan.

Phil Schofield