Letter: Give more study to transit options



Having spent many hours at the Kaiser clinic on Interstate Avenue in Portland, I understand Portland’s determination for light rail into Vancouver. The Interstate Avenue light-rail line has low ridership so adding light rail into Vancouver will greatly improve revenue to support this loser.

Do we, in Vancouver, really want those ugly overhead power lines running down Broadway and Washington Street? Eighth Street, Evergreen, Mill Plain and McLoughlin boulevards are the east-west streets for through traffic in the downtown core and there are only three parking garages within 3.5 miles from Sixth Street to Clark College, for less than 2,000 cars.

Will the businesses along this light-rail line pay an extra tax for supposed shoppers?

I believe a another system — Bus Rapid Transit — would better serve Clark County. Build more park-and-ride terminals for our bus system and raise the fares to cover the added cost, which could be considered a user fee or parking fee.

If light rail must come to Clark County, put it where it was intended to go.

A light-rail system could go all the way to the Clark County Fairgrounds.

John A. Nyberg