Longtime attorney Liebman chosen as new court commissioner



A veteran Vancouver family law attorney has been chosen as the next Clark County Superior Court commissioner.

Attorney Dayann Liebman was chosen Tuesday from a group of applicants by a panel of Superior Court judges to succeed Dan Stahnke, who is now a Superior Court judge. She will start Oct. 27.

Liebman, 62, has practiced for 30 years, specializing in family law. She will hear divorce, paternity, juvenile and dependency cases as a court commissioner.

Liebman’s office will be at the Juvenile Justice Center and she will hear cases at the family law annex, the juvenile center and the Clark County Courthouse.

“Dayann brings a wealth of experience to the position and all of the court’s judges and commissioners look forward to working with her in this important area of service to the community,” Presiding Judge Barbara Johnson said in a statement.

The vacant position was created when former commissioner Stahnke was appointed by Gov. Chris Gregoire to succeed retiring Judge Roger Bennett in September. Stahnke had served as a court commissioner for four years.

Commissioners are different from judges in that they cannot impose sentences in adult criminal cases and are appointed, not elected. The position pays about $133,000 a year, said Superior Court administrator Jeff Amram.