Steelers look to exploit Seahawks’ special teams



PITTSBURGH (AP) — Antonio Brown didn’t need to verbalize the answer. It was written all over his face.

When asked if his eyes light up knowing, as the Pittsburgh Steelers’ return man, he’ll face a team on Sunday that allowed a kickoff and a punt return for touchdowns last week, his eyes, well, simply lit up.

“Definitely, man,” Brown said.

Indeed, it’s tough to not notice that the Seattle Seahawks watched San Francisco’s Ted Ginn take two returns for scores in the final four minutes of a 33-17 loss at San Francisco. There were holes, there were missed chances, and make no mistake, Ginn made some moves. But two returns in four minutes?

“It’s like the standard has been set, and that gives you motivation to come out and meet that same standard,” Brown said, “knowing they will, of course, make some changes. But knowing that we’ve still got an opportunity to make some big plays in an area where they may be lacking.”

Coming off a listless performance offensively and defensively in a 35-7 season-opening loss to the rival Baltimore Ravens, the Steelers could use the extra jolt on special teams.

Brown believes he and the team’s return unit can provide it.