Letter: Resist the hate mongers on radio



One of the reasons our government cannot serve or even hear the will of the people are the court jesters of the ruling class, the propaganda department for corporate rule. They are the denizens of hate radio and of misdirect TV. Chief among them is Rush Limbaugh; his shameless attacks on anyone who threatens his agenda helps disable our ability to rebuild our country from the destructive effects of unrestrained corporate influence. To fix our nation, we must eliminate corporate welfare and the massive tax loopholes that serve only the corpulent wealthy and kill America’s middle class and small businesses. Limbaugh opposes these actions to shield his employers. To say people like Limbaugh are harmless, that they are simply entertainers, is to say that Adolph Hitler was only a motivational speaker.

Limbaugh’s repeated racist and sexist rants are deeply destructive. He pretends to perch on the high horse of impeccable morality when his personal life represents the opposite. Advertisers are leaving the Limbaugh show, and that is an example of the free market speaking, and speaking loudly. We have had enough of deeply disturbed individuals venting their sickness on the public airwaves.

Sven Anderson