Letter: Bullying needs to end



Bullying in today’s middle schools is a widespread epidemic with lots of students being harassed every day and multiple times a day. We need to do anything we can to stop this problem. It is ruining people who are brilliant students and, if given the opportunity, can become some of the best scientists in the world.

I have seen people being bullied and was bullied every day in middle school. I was constantly belittled by other students and had nobody in the school who stood up for me. I skipped school some days because I just couldn’t deal with people harassing me.

I have had friends who have had relatives that have committed suicide because they couldn’t handle being bullied every day.

Studies on students being bullied don’t show the real numbers and how people who bully other students were also bullied themselves. The schools have stated that they have anti-bullying rules in place and that they are doing everything that they can to stop bullying but that isn’t the case. The middle school that I went to had many rules for bullying but, in the end, these rules end up hurting the students being bullied because they end up in trouble when they respond to the bullies.

Matt Brands