Scout who saved boy to be honored

By Mary Ricks, Columbian News Assistant



Alex Jefferies

SIFTON — Alejandro “Alex” Jefferies’ quick thinking most likely saved Kel Jensen, 8, from drowning. The youngster was floating on a paddle board at Yale Reservoir and was not wearing a life jacket. The paddle board tipped over, and Kel, not being a swimmer, struggled and went under.

Alex, 16, a First Class Boy Scout in Troop 311, was swimming in the area and was the first to notice the cry for help. Alex swam to Kel’s rescue, pulling him up from under the water. Two men who were also responding to the incident assisted Alex in towing Kel to safety. Other than being scared, Kel was not harmed by the incident.

Alex will recognized for his actions by the Cascade Pacific Council of the Boy Scouts at a troop Court of Honor tonight at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 7101 N.E. 166th Ave. A council representative will present Alex with a Council Award of Merit. He will also receive advancement to Life Scout.

Alex’s parents are Paul and Cindy Jefferies.