Clark County Fair results




Buzzing Buddies 4-H Club

Special Award, Riverwalk


Fort Vancouver Antique Equipment Association.

Special Award, 4-H Pigs


1st fresh pressed roasted red pepper, Brenda Yoho, Brush Prairie

2nd pressed fresh garlic, Amy Blankenship, Vancouver

3rd strawberry neufchafel, Sharla Will, Brush Prairie

2nd mild feta, Diane Harpe, Amboy

1st aged Ramano, Joan Goodwell, La Center

2nd Parmesan, Joan Goodwell, La Center

3rd aged pressed cheese, Shawn & Larrie Conway, Camas


Supreme Female: Black Angus, Cole Page/Quiet Acres Angus, Kalama

Supreme Cow/Calf Pair: Murray Grey, Michael & Leona Jimenez/MLJ Ranch, Ridgefield

Murray Grey

1st Place Cow/Calf Pair, Michael & Leona Jimenez/MLJ Ranch, Ridgefield

Black Angus

Grand Champion Female, Cole Page/Quiet Acres Angus, Kalama


Grand Champion Female, Herb & Dixie Berg/Fantasy Acres, Battle Ground


Grand Champion Bull, Derral Mosby/VX Cattle Co., Ridgefield


Best in Show & Grand, Ken Wohl, Nick Miller, Allin Rust, Vancouver

Grand Champion, Casey Decker, Vancouver

Grand, Daniell Beyrooty, Ridgefield

Reserve, Spencer Thomas, Vancouver; Eric Stricker, Vancouver; Lars Olson, Nick Miller, Chance Cunningham, Vancouver

Blue, Spencer Thomas, Vancouver; Casey Decker, Vancouver; April Rasmussen, Vancouver

Red, Spencer Thomas, Vancouver; Danny Daller, Vancouver; Jason Nicholson, Vancouver; Tanner Soon, Vancouver; Colin Sowul, Vancouver; Ken Wohl, Vancouver; Allin Rust, Vancouver; Nick Miller, Vancouver; Austin Cloyd, Vancouver; Chance Cunningham, Vancouver; Ian David, Vancouver


Best Dressed Chicken, Sahra/Saskia Summerhill, Vancouver

2nd Best dressed Chicken, Mackenzie Graham, Yacolt

Rooster Crowing Contest, Joey Bartruff, Vancouver

Reserve Rooster Crowing, Matthew Berg, Yacolt


Sr. Champion, Mattew Berg, Yacolt

Sr. Reserve Champion, Cora Berg, Yacolt

Int. Champion, Mackenzie Graham, Yacolt

Int. Reserve Champion, Coltin Voltin, Vancouver

Jr. Champion, Sean Wilcox, Vancouver

Jr. Reserve Champion, Saskia Summerhill, Vancouver


Sr. Champion, Joey Bartruff, Vancouver

Sr. Reserve Champion, Madison Drake, Battle Ground

Int. Champion, Emily Christensen, Battle Ground

Int. Reserve Champion, Mackenzie Graham, Yacolt

Jr. Champion, Saskia Summerhill, Vancouver

Jr. Reserve Champion, Sean Wilcox, Vancouver

Large Fowl

Champion, Kindra Post, Vancouver

Reserve Champion, Beau Brooks, La Center


Champion, Mackenzie Graham, Yacolt

Reserve Champion, Mackenzie Graham, Yacolt


Champion, Cora Berg, Yacolt

Reserve Champion, Cora Berg, Yacolt


Champion, Beau Brooks, La Center

Reserve Champion, Beau Brooks, La Center

Water Fowl

Champion, Kindra Post, Vancouver

Reserve Champion, Kindra Post, Vancouver

Champion of Show, Kindra Post, Vancouver

Reserve of Show, Kindra Post, Vancouver

Superintendents Choice, Beau Brooks, La Center

Top Feather Award, Kindra Post, Vancouver

Reserve Top Feather Award, Mackenzie Graham, Yacolt

4-H MARKET GOAT (Aug. 8)

Lightweight Grand Champion, Sean Holbrook, Battle Ground

Heavyweight Reserve Champion, Brandy Rogers, Woodland

Overall Grand Champion & Rate of Gain & Hvy. Wt. Grand Champion Meat Goat, Becky Martin, Vancouver

Overall Res. Champion & Med. Wt. Res. Champion & Med. Wt. Grand Champion, Brandi Swingle, Brush Prairie

Light Wt. Reserve Champion, Breanna Wood, Amboy

Blue, Ty Morris; Karisa Sorenson, Battle Ground; Garrett Search, Battle Ground; Chance Forster, Kalama; TJ Wood, Amboy; Travis Webb, Woodland; Jake Morris, La Center; Kamryn Hull, Ridgefield; Mitchell Blankenship, Vancouver; Emilee Bashaw, Woodland; Ben Andrews, Woodland; Ariel Griffith, Ridgefield; Kayden Hull, Ridgefield; Jaden Kenworthy, Woodland; James Griffith, Ridgefield; Morgane Starke, Vancouver; Jorden Kenworthy, Woodland; Melissa Marx, Ridgefield


Jr. Champion, Audrey Wrede, Vancouver

Jr. Reserve, Sydney Dean, Ridgefield

Int. Champion, Jordan Mills/Cassidy Peru, Battle Ground

Int. Reserve, Garrett Search, Battle Ground

Sr. Champion, Cheyenne Donaldson, Vancouver

Sr. Reserve, Heidi & Hailie Christenson, Ridgefield

4-H BBQ CONTEST (Aug. 7)

Participants work as teams.

Blue, Jordyn Richards, Ridgefield and Kasha Winther, Vancovuer; Garrett Search, Battle Ground and Sean Holbrook, Battle Ground


Sr. Champion, Heidi Christenson, Ridgefield

Sr. Reserve Champion, Katarina Kubinire, Vancouver

Inter. Champion, Kaitlin Sipes, Vancouver

Inter. Reserve Champion, Sara Blackwell, Vancouver

Master Showman Champion, Heidi Christenson, Ridgefield

Master Showman Reserve Champion, Katanina Kubinire, Vancouver

4-H WOOL (Aug. 10)

Champion Fleece Showman, Travis Haslem, Battle Ground

Champion, Lamb Fleece Showman, Alexandria Weeks, Vancouver

Champion Fleece

Hampsire, Troy Haslem, Battle Ground

Romney, Travis Haslem, Battle Ground

Suffolk, Olivia O’Dell, Brush Prairie

Wensydale, Mackenzie Graham, Yacolt

Other Recognized Breed, Mackenzie Graham, Yacolt

Black Face X, Olivia O’Dell, Brush Prairie

Natural Color Coarse, Mackenzie Graham, Yacolt

Best of Show, Travis Haslem, Battle Ground

4-H RABBITS (Aug. 9)


Jr. Champion, Hunter Coss, Woodland

Inter. Champ, Emma Oster, Battle Ground

Sr. Champion, Rebecca Louie, Vancouver


Champion, Trisha Horenstein, Vancouver

2nd Place, Erin Marble, Vancouver

3rd Place, Kate Bias, Vancouver

4-H HORSE (Aug. 10)

Miniature Equine Fitting & Showing

Inter. Champion, Cheyanne Anderson, Ridgefield

Jr. Champion, Lauren Coop, Vancovuer

Jr. Reserve Champion, Laci Huntsinger, Battle Ground

Miniature Equine In Hand Jumping

Inter. Champion, Emily Wagner, Yacolt

Jr. Champion, Brittany Rios, Brush Prairie

Jr. Reserve Champion, Laci Huntsinger, Brush Prairie

Sr. Harness Fitting & Showing

Champion, Courtney Erickson, Vancouver

Sr. Harness Pleasure Driving

Champion, Courtney Erickson, Vancouver

Sr. Harness Equitation Driving

Champion, Courtney Erickson, Vancouver

Sr. Harness Precision Driving

Champion, Courtney Erickson, Vancouver


Champion-Blue, Garrett Search, Battle Ground; Macey Scroggie, Brush Prairie; Hannah Kloepper, Amboy; Emily York, Ridgefield; Brandi Swingle, Brush Prairie

Special-Blue, Melissa Marx, Ridgefield; Seth Jones, Woodland

Reserve – Blue, Beth Ann Blankenship, Vancouver; Ariel Griffith, Ridgefield; Garrett Cochran, Battle Ground; Kyle Hendren, Battle Ground

Blue, Tanner Cochran, Battle Ground; Jake Morris, La Center; Jordan Kenworthy, Woodland; Kayden Hull, Ridgefield; Kamryn Hull, Ridgefield; Seth Frasier, Amboy; Mitchell Blankenship, Vancouver; Jameson Harpe, Amboy; Cody Allen, Battle Ground; Sean Holnbrook, Battle Ground; Chase Martin, Vancouver; Shiann Bardell, Battle Ground; Sara Baldwin, Battle Ground; Breana Wood, Amboy; Jaden Kenworthy, Woodland; Rhiannon Jones, Woodland; Sierra Frasier, Amboy; Travis Webb, Woodland; Ben Andrews, Woodland; Abby Boyle, Yacolt; James Griffith, Ridgefield; Karisa Sorenson, Battle Ground; Taylor Harpe, Amboy; TJ Wood, Amboy; Emilee Bashaw, Woodland; Morgane Starke, Vancouver; Kelsi Cochran, Battle Ground; Ty Morris, La Center; Chloe Bardell, Battle Ground; Chance Forster, Kalama; Becky Martin, Vancouver; Brianna Veteran, Brush Prairie; Tanisha Webb, Woodland; Jeremy Swingle, Brush Prairie; Natalie Hendren, Battle Ground; Raelie Kenworthy, Woodland; Emma Freeman, La Center; Kylie Veteran, Brush Prairie; Bridget Pennington, Amboy.

Minis, Adam David VanHorn, Ridgefield; Olivia VanHorn, Ridgefield; Devin Wood, Amboy; Alana Wood, Amboy; Josh Baldwin, Battle Ground; Zoey Scott, Battle Ground; Rheanne Harpe, Amboy; Sarah York, Ridgefield

4-H DOGS (Aug. 8)

Intermediate Obedience

Advanced Novice Champion, Eden McCamish, Amboy

Advanced Novice Reserve Champ, Ruth Ann Kadow, Vancouver

Novice Champion, Sara Blackwell, Vancouver

Novice Reserve Champion, Allison Corlett, Vancouver

Pre-Novice Advanced Champ, Venessa Laugen, Vancouver

Pre-Novice Advanced Reserve Champ, Nicki Short, Camas

Pre-Novice Advanced Blue Ribbon, Ryan Stimson, Battle Ground; Jeremiah Burton, Ridgefield; Lexi Darienzo, La Center; Thomas Graham, Ridgefield

4-H DOGS (Aug. 8)

Senior Showmanship

Champion, Raina Moss, Battle Ground

Sr. Showmanship, Polly Sobeck, Vancouver

Special Award, Heidi Christenson, Ridgefield; Lauren Stimson, Battle Ground; Bernadette Lyon, Battle Ground

Blue, Morgan Mandeville, Brush Prairie; Kayla Grube, Camas; Hannah Freese, Battle Ground; Lauren Weber, Camas; Lynsay Lassila, Brush Prairie; Courtney Smith, Vancouver; Abbie Corlett, Vancouver; Erin Burns, Vancouver; Stephanie Graham, Ridgefield; Melissa Cavins, Vancouver; Kelsie Parker, Battle Ground; Nicole Moss, Battle Ground; Talia Gant, Vancouver; Amanda Ohman, Vancouver

4-H DAIRY (Aug. 10)

Fitting & Showing

Sr. Grand Champion, Alex Lehner, Ridgefield

Sr. Champion, Trent Stauffer, Washougal

Int. Grand Champion, Cassidy Morris, Battle Ground

Int. Reserve Grand Champ, Alexis Zink, Camas

Jr. Grand Champion, Aaron Sundahl, Battle Ground

Blue, Chandler Edmister, Battle Ground; Luke Wells, Ridgefield; Hailey Miracle, Battle Ground; Brandon Edmister, Battle Ground; Amber Sundahl, Battle Ground; Samantha Schmidt, Battle Ground; Andrew Ludlow, Vancouver; Derek Edmister, Battle Ground; Chelsea Miracle, Battle Ground; Trace Morris, Battle Ground

Holstein Show

Grand Champion of Breed, Alex Lehner, Ridgefield

Reserve Grand Champion, Samantha Schmidt, Battle Ground

Jr. Champion of Breed, Chandler Edmister, Battle Ground

Reserve Jr. Champion, Trace Morris, Battle Ground

Sr. Champion of Breed, Alex Lehner, Ridgefield

Reserve Sr. Champion, Samantha Schmidt, Battle Ground

Jersey Show

Grand Champion of Breed, Alex Lehner, Ridgefield

Jr. Champion of Breed, Alex Lehner, Ridgefield

4-H KITCHENS (Aug. 10)

Quick Breads

Blue, Bethany Tuchardt, Battle Ground; Paige Bergeron, Battle Ground

Lunch on the Go

Blue, Jordan Mann, Vancouver


Blue, Jordan Mann, Vancouver

Participation, Ellie Gardner, RidgefieldBeverage:Blue, Maggie Gardner, RidgefieldFoods for All Occasions:Blue, Abby Boyle, Yacolt, Kelsi Cochrane, Battle Ground; Shelby Gardner, Ridgefield; Abby Gardner, Ridgefield