Weather Eye: Change of seasons is in the air; it might stay dry through October




I can feel the slight shift in the seasons, can you? The other night, just the crisp coolness in the air and the lowering sun angle, it had that feel to it. The feeling that we experience each year at this time as summer slowly gives way to the upcoming days of autumn.

A gentle handoff to autumn as nature begins to prepare for the cooler and wetter months ahead. And I know, in a couple of weeks as I sit at the bench along the Columbia, the mystery lady is bound to show up, sit down beside me staring at the river and once again tell me the seasons are changing. Yep, that is becoming somewhat a tradition it seems.

We should enjoy somewhat cooler weather the next week or so and it will remain dry. A few weather systems are scheduled to dip down into the Pacific Northwest but any measurable rainfall will remain along the coast and to our north. Mainly in the form of drizzle, at least that is how things look Wednesday afternoon as I write this column.

Meanwhile we still get to enjoy a very pleasant end to the summer and taste the fruits of the season. The Salmon Creek Farmer’s Market this afternoon and evening, just off N.E. 134th Street, is giving everyone a midweek replenishment of local fruits and vegetables. Don’t you just love summer here in the great Northwest?

Extended climate forecasts keep coming out showing cool but dry weather through October.

So when was our last day of measurable rainfall? That would be July 20, so more than a month, which is not unusual or record setting by any means.

Patrick Timm is a local weather specialist. His column appears Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Reach him at