Letter: Review Obama’s results in one year




In his Nov. 29 letter, “Many reasons why Romney lost,” Richard C. Mason, like all good liberals, does not deal in facts. Mitt Romney was not born rich. He gave his money from his father to charity. Tax returns have no bearing on the subject. Romney’s overseas accounts are his business. Again nothing to do with the subject.

Saying Romney would have let Detroit go bankrupt is false. Read the article he wrote in the New York Times. He said the government should help with the bankrupt situation. While at Bain Capital his company bought failing businesses and turned some of them around to be profitable and some did fail, but that is called capitalism. Romney did propose changes to Social Security and Medicare. Obama did nothing. As far as flip-flops, examine President Obama’s flip-flop — oops, evolving — such as on gay marriage.

Let’s see why Romney really lost. Did the voters vote for 8 percent unemployment and a $16 trillion debt or did they vote for Santa Claus? You decide.

Romney joins the long list of moderates to lose, including Gerald Ford, Bob Dole, and John McCain.

Let’s see what America looks like in a year from now.

Bruce R. Knutson