Letter Election didn’t redistribute gridlock



All we hear about is the financial cliff crisis and the debate between the House, Senate and President Obama. I am tired of it. The people have to live with who they voted into office. Does a tiger ever change its stripes? No. Everyone knew about Obama’s spending over the last four years. I wonder if he knows how to balance his checkbook?

Everyone knew that the House has developed several budget proposals and sent them to the Senate where they are dead on arrival.

Most folks think, obviously, that taxing the rich protects the middle class. President Obama’s “leveling the playing field” is simply redistribution of wealth. That destroys what we Americans know as equal opportunity. It is how we use opportunities that determine individual wealth.

The point is, people did not learn from experience. They are gullible enough to be sucked in by Obama’s magnetic personality. So despite the House and Senate makeup, people voted in exactly what they had the last four years. Gridlock, debate, gridlock. Go figure. Sure, folks wanted compromise between all three. But I do not agree with redistribution of wealth. I believe in equal opportunity and a free market.

Bob Zak