Letter: Support Hockinson schools



We are students at Hockinson Intermediate and Hockinson Middle schools. Our school district has two levies coming up for a vote on Feb. 14, and we thought that we should write and tell people why voting “yes” is important.

At the intermediate school, there are some favorite teachers — the librarian, the PE teacher, and the music teacher. PE is the only opportunity that the intermediate school students get to be physically active. The librarian has been around for a very long time and everybody loves her. Fifth grade students interested in band join up and this gives them a year of experience before they join the middle school band. These are all things that could be cut if the levies fail.

At the middle school, things are outdated and falling apart. The school’s computers are outdated. Also, some of the heating and cooling systems don’t work very well.

We think all Hockinsonians are proud of the Hockinson Hawks football team. Diminishing that program would be taking away Hockinson’s pride.

Hockinson High School also has a great drama department, and all of Hockinson looks forward to their productions.

This is why people should vote “yes” on the 2012 levies.

Matthew and Christa Phillips

Brush Prairie