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Monday,  July 15 , 2024

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Letter: School budgets have problems

By Stephen Liston, Vancouver
Published: April 25, 2024, 6:00am

Big budgetary problems in schools. The superintendent of Washougal School District, Mary Templeton, makes $245,475 yearly, $82.37 per student (2,980 students). Vancouver Public Schools pays John Snell $363,684 with a $10,000 guaranteed yearly raise, 22,000 students, $12.50 per student. Evergreen Public Schools with 22,850 students pays John Boyd $343,000, $15 per student. The governor makes $204,205 and manages 7.8 million citizen issues.

Superintendent, assistant superintendent, principal, assistant principal, then the trenches where actual teaching takes place. Pretty soon we will not be able afford teachers and the above hierarchy will go on with their meetings and probably not notice.

Editor’s note: A previous version of this letter contained incorrect information about Snell’s salary.

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