Letter: Bible reveals truthful words



The Jan. 14 story, “Americans are God-hoppers, and that’s OK — really,” from the Los Angeles Times, caught my attention. This is probably the best description of the largest church in the world today. That is the Laodicean Church. Its headquarters are in the Book of Revelation, chapter 3, verses 14 to 21.

My commentary on this story would coincide with what is known as junkyard art. This is where a pile of junk is welded together to share a monstrosity of parts from every conceivable gadgetry from the hands of man. This does nothing, goes nowhere and only titillates the imagination of the viewer. Some even fall down and worship the conformation.

Jesus Christ made claims as revealed in the holy Word of God, or the Bible. He clearly states what is the way, the truth and the life in the gospel of John, 14:6. Read your Bible and pray for understanding.

A. Larry Daniel