Letter: Light rail is vital link to CRC



The Columbia River Crossing is the most important infrastructure project in the Pacific Northwest. The bridge is supported by almost every affiliation in the region. A very vocal minority is opposed to the light rail portion of the CRC.

It is obvious that Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler, R-Camas, is opposed to light rail. She is trying her best to come up with ways to remove the light rail from the project. At this point in time, her job as the representative of the region is to be fighting with all her skills to obtain as much support and funding for the entire project. For now, she should not be trying to implement actions or legislation that would restrict or delay this vital project.

Herrera Beutler keeps calling for a vote by the people that she believes would agree with her stance on light rail. I think she is wrong. At some point in the future, if a vote on light rail is held and a majority is opposed to including light rail in the CRC, then she would be justified in making attempts to remove light rail from the project.

I want Herrera Beutler, as my representative in Congress, to fight with all her skills to achieve as much funding as possible for the entire CRC.

Michael K. Cheatheam